The Texas House will debate HB 1, the appropriations bill, on Thursday. Some 377 amendments have been filed, but one is particularly important for supporters of public schools: an amendment by Rep. Abel Herrero that bars the use of public dollars for private schools.

This amendment presents the first vote this session on public funding of private schools, better known as vouchers. If the House supports Rep. Herrero’s amendment, it will send an important signal that members of the House would rather invest in accountable, transparent public schools than send public dollars to private schools that lack accountability for their performance.

Please communicate with your State Representatives TODAY and tell them to support the Herrero amendment and keep public dollars in public schools. Remind them that:

  • Vouchers and ESAs represent a new entitlement program that lacks any sort of taxpayer protection, accountability or transparency.
  • At a time when the Legislature is trying to make schools safer, private schools do not have to follow the many safety standards legislators are working to put in place.
  • Under ESAs and vouchers, the state would not have control over the viewpoints and ideologies taught in private or home schools that receive public funding.
  • Local school districts receiving public funds should not be forced to administer the STAAR test if private schools receiving public funds do not have to give the same test.

You can look up your Texas State Representative by entering your address here.

Please reach out to your legislator TODAY and express the importance of standing up for public schools and voting FOR the Herrero budget amendment!